Preliminary DD Checklist

If you have any queries, please contact

1. Corporate structure and shareholders

  1. Fully diluted cap table and fundraising history

2. Financial wellbeing

  1. 12-month cash flow forecast (in Skalata prescribed form)
  2. P&L statements for each of the previous 12 months
  3. Balance sheets as at end of month for the previous 12 months
  4. Bank statement/s for Company bank accounts (as at the date of upload)

    Note:  If your bank statement is more than 1 month out of date, please also include a screenshot of your balance for each account as at the date of uploading the  documents to the data room.

3. Traction

  1. If your Company’s average Annual Contract Value is above $1,000, a list of the names of your top 10 customers by revenue, including the revenue for the financial year to date, your contact’s name and their contact details

    Note: You can calculate your average Annual Contact Value by dividing your total revenue over the past 12 months by the number of customers you have.
  2. A transaction report export from your payment processer (eg, a Stripe Transaction Report).
  3. If you are a B2C or B2B2C business, an anonymised export of your user database.

4. Team

  1. List of all current employees and contractors, including name, role, country where they are located, FTE equivalent and whether they are an employee or contractor

5. Technical

  1. A one-page diagram of your technology architecture